Congratulations to Delanco for being voted Number 1 Town in the County

                     by Burlington County Times readers !


Dunkin Donuts Grand Opening 4/2016                                                    


Delanco Reorganization 2016                                                            

The meeting opened with the swearing in of Kate Fitzpatrick as Mayor and Bill Dillenbeck as Deputy Mayor,           

followed by newly elected John Brown to Delanco Township Committee. All other positions were sworn en-masse

  Delanco Reorganization 2015                                                                 

The meeting opened with swearing in of Marlene Jass for a three year term, John Ciancio Mayor, Kate Fitspatrick

Deputy Mayor and Boards and Commissioners en-mass.                                                                                                 

McCay Club's DYSA Baseball Team 2014                                                     


200 Club Annual Honor- Valor Awards 2014                                               

 Honor-Valor Award presented to Officer Francisco Ambrifi and Advanced Training Award presented to EMS Chief Michael Furey. Also present were Councilpersons Kate Fitzpatrick and John Ciancio.                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Delanco Reorganization 2014                                           

The 2014 Reorg commenced with the swearing in by Janice Lohr of Kate Fitzpatrick and Bill Dillenbeck, followed by the oath of

offices for Mayor, Bill Dillenbeck and Deputy Mayor, John Ciancio. Delanco employee awards were pesented by the Mayor and

     Deputy Mayor. Board and Commission members were sworn en masse. The meeting adjourned and was followed by the Albert    

McCay Club Reception, hosted by Club President Kathleen Quinn.                                                                                             


Delanco Reorganization 2013                                            


 The Delanco Township reorg for 2013 was initiated by Janice Lohr swearing in John Ciancio and Bill Dillenbeck.  Freeholder Aimee Belgard administered the oath of office to Mike Templeton. The nomination  of  Kate Fitzpatrick for Mayor By Bill        Dillenbeck, was  seconded by John Ciancio. The nomination of Bill Dillenbeck for Deputy Mayor, was seconded by John         Ciancio. Both were sworn in by Assistant Administrator  Janice Lohr.  Mayor Fitzpatrick assigned liaison duties followed by    Resolutions Thanking Deputy Mayor Thom Lord and Mayor Marlene Jass for their service to Delanco.  Those appointed to    the various Boards and Commissions were assembled and received the oath of office from Riverside Councilman Robert    Prisco.  Delanco Employee Awards for years of service were read by the Mayor.  The meeting was then adjourned and          all present were invited to the McCay Club reception hosted by Club President Kathleen Quinn.                                                                                                                                   



Living Springs Dedication 2012                                       

Ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of apartments for disabled veterans and mental        disabled residents. Attending for Delanco, Mayor Marlene Jass, Deputy Mayor Thomas Lord,    Committee person Kate Fitzpatrick, Asst Adm. Janis Lohr and Chief Jessie Desanto.                 



Natioal League of Women Legislators Send "Sandy"   Relief Aid                                                                          

 Transportation was paid for by Gov. Romney. Diane, Thom and Marlene unload Delanco aid. Two trailors were also        sent to Long Beach Island.                                                                                                                                                             



Field of Dreams Unofficial Opening 2012                      

 Deputy Mayor Thom  Lord, DYSA Soccer Chair Bobby Joe Esposito, Recreation Chairman Phil McFadden watch the teams tip off for the first game to be played on the fields that were envisioned over ten years ago.                           



Grand Opening, West Avenue Nature Trails 2012

Delanco Township Committee, Recreaton, guests Sen. Diane Allen, Assemblyman Troy Singleton, cut the ribbon to admit about 100 township residents opening day.

Police Chief George Sacalis Retires June 2012 

Delanco Chief Sacalis retires. The Delanco Township Committee arranged a surprise party for George at intermission during the Recreation Commission's "Rave On" concert held at Hawk Island Marina. The Chief is a Buddy Holly fan.  Chief Sacalis was presented with a gold watch and certificate of recognition and appreciation for his service by Mayor Marlene Jass, representing the Township Committee and the citizens of Delanco.  Also present, Township Committee members Kate Fitzpatrick, Thom Lord, and Bill Dillenbeck also appeared on stage to individualy congratulate Chief Sacalis on his retirement and voice their appreciation for his years of service.

Delanco Reorganization 2012                            

The 2012 Reorganization began with Senator Diane Allen swearing in Marlene Jass for her second three year term on Township Committee. This was followed by Committee nominations and voting for Mayor, Marlene Jass and Deputy Mayor, Thom Lord. Marlene and Thom took their oath of office together, administered by Senator Allen. As her first Duty as Mayor, Marlene read Resolution 2012-1, documenting Kate Fitzpatrick's ten years of service as a Township Committee member and five years as Delanco Mayor. Kate was presented with an updated Mayor's Plaque, Gold Gavel, Flowers, and a standing ovation from all present, recoginzing her service and devotion to make Delanco the great town it is. Mayor Jass made opening remarks outlining goals for 2012 followed by appointments for Township municipal positions, then professionals, all of which were confirmed by Committee vote. Appointments were also read for Commissions and Authorities. Those named took their oath of office as a group, administered by Township Solicitor Doug Heinhold. The meeting was adjourned and everyone present was invited to attend a reception hosted by the Albert McCay Republican Club at the home of it's president Kathleen Quinn.