Delanco Township Officers 2016

Mayor:                       Kate Fitzpatrick

Deputy Mayor:           Bill Dillenbeck

Committee person:    John Browne

Committee person:    Mike Templeton

Committee person:    Marlene Jass 

Officers of the Albert McCay Republican Club of Delanco                       

President                   Carl Tarachi

Vice President           Steven Lohr

Secretary                   Ann Moore

Treasure                    Mark Lacina

The Albert McCay Republican Club of Delanco will consider nominations for officers at the February meeting
Call Ann Moore (461-8336)  with questions or go to the feedback link (on left) to send a question.

Can you name the one elected NJ position that is reserved 50% for women?

Do you know what small group of people elected 1/3 of the NJ Legislature, with no election by the general public?


There are 6 voting districts in Delanco.  By law, each district may have one male and one female County Committee person from each party.  The following is a list of Delanco’s Republican County Committee members.

Delanco's Republican Party County Committee Members

Kate Fitzpatrick  764-9321-First District - 225 Rancocas Ave.

Phil Jenkins  - 609-923-7952  First District

Debby Shedaker– 764-3661 - District Two 829 Hickory St.

Bill Dillenbeck - 856-220-2059 - District Two  

Ann Moore   461-8336—Third District - 222 Edgewood Ave.

Thomas Lord  764-7832 Third District - 312 Center Street

Joe Galvano 461-8025 Fourth District - 211 Magnolia Pl

Susan Matera Fourth District -


Beverly Russell 316-2471 Fifth District - 410 Iowa 

Joe Russell 313-2715 Fifth District - 410 Iowa        

Marlene Jass  764-7170, Sixth District, 4 McCay Way.

Chairman Steve,        Sixth District,  4 McCay

What is the role of a County Committee Member?

There are four County Committee seats in each municipal election district: one male Democrat, one female Democrat, one male Republican, and one female Republican. Statewide, there are over 24,000 seats. Half of these are reserved for women.

A county committee person represents an average of 350 of their neighbors. They represent the interests of their neighbors at local Democrat or Republican meetings.

In Delanco, the Republican County Committee selects the candidates who will run for the Republican Party at the municipal level.  They also have a say in selecting the Republican candidates for County and State offices.  In a small town like Delanco, their greatest role is working to get our candidates elected – from helping to write literature, to delivering flyers door to door.   They can be your source for voter information and voter registration forms, including requests for absentee ballots.  Is it much work?  Not really, we meet several times a year, with our most intense activity occurring in the fall as we work towards the November election.

All districts are currently represented.

County Committee members are elected every two years in the state primary election.  The most recent election was in the  Apr 2012 Primary  and will run un-opposed in the Nov 2012 election

 To be considered for County Committee, you must be 18, you must be a declared member the Republican Party and you must be registered to vote in your local election district.  You can declare your party at any time throughout the year by completing a simple party declaration card.

If you would like to spice up your life by serving as a County Committee member, watch  for vacancies to be listed above, please call or email the Chairman.   In the mean time become an active Club member and help your Committee person at election time deliver flyers or serve as a challenger at the polls at election time.