Community Day 2015

Township candidate John Browne, Assembley candidate Rob Prisco (left) and Freeholder candidate

Ryan Peters (right) met the large attended Community Day event that combined EMT, Fire and

Recreation'sFall Fest for the first time. 

SPRING FLING 2015          


 The Spring Fling was held at Dooney's. Past Mayors Phil Jenkins, Joan Hinkle, Kate Fitzpatrick John

 Browne, Bill Dillenbeck and Marlene Jass. Freeholder candidate Ryan Peters, Assembly candidates Rob

 Prisco and Bill Conely, Township candidate John Browne. Thirty attended.


Kick Off 2014



The Kick Off was held 8/24 at the home of Township Committee Candidate Marlene Jass, attending were Candidate Freeholder Director Bruce Garganio, US 3rd District Candidate Tom MacArthur. Also present were Mayor Bill Dillenbeck, Deputy Mayor John Ciancio, Club president  Kathleen Quinn and over 100 Newtons and town supporters.

Wing Night 2014

WING NIGHT at Ott's was well attended by McCay members and Mayor Bill Dillenbeck and Deputy Mayor John Ciancio. Freeholder candidate Joe Howarth and Township Committee candidate Marlene Jass addressed those present and looked forward to Nov.

Community Day 2013



Spring Fling 2013

The Spring Fling was held at Carlucci's Waterfront Grill with twentyfive in attendance. Our candidates thanked us for our support, followed by presenting former Mayor and Township Comitteeperson, Joan Hinkle, a VFW award by Mayor Kate Fitzpatrick. The Delanco  Chairman then presented Joan with a bouquet of flowers from the McCay Club. Senator Diane Allen was our guest for the evening.


Community Day 2012



Kick Off 2012

The Kick Off was held at the home of John Cianco on Sunday August 19th. Present were Delanco Township candidates Thom Lord, Bill Dillenbeck and John Ciancio. Also present were Freeholder candidates Bruce Garganio and Mary Ann O'Brien, Freeholder Joe Donnelly and US Congressman Candidate Jon Runyan. The event was well attended by at least eighty people.


Spring Fling 2012

The spring fling was held at Carlucci's Waterfront Restaurant. Delanco's Republican Chairman introduced this year's slate of candidates, Bill Dillenbeck, Thom Lord and John Ciancio.  Each gave brief remarks as to their goals and vision to improve local government.  This was followed by recognition from The Republican County Committee and Albert McCay Republican Club in acknowlegement of Joan Hinkle's nineteen years of  service to the Township.  Assisting the Chairman, Club President Kathleen Quinn presented Joan with a certificate of appreciation and flowers. Noteably absent due to a severe foot injury, Kate Fitzpatrick was missed by all, who wished her a speedy recovery.


Spring Fliing 2011


The Spring Fling 2011 was held at Stella's Restaurant. Delanco Republican Chairman  introduced this years candidates: Leah Arter for Freeholder, Chris Halgas for Assembly, Diane Allen for State Senate and Marlene Jass for Township Committee. 

Picnic 2010   Hawk Island Marina


The Picnic at the Hawk Island Marina featured County Candidates Jean Stanfield, for Sheriff, and Joe Donnelly, for Freeholder, introduced by former chairperson Ann Moore.  Also attending State Senator Diane Allen and Freeholder  Mary Ann O'Brian. Phil McFadden, current Recreation Vice Chairman and past Chairman, was presented with the McCay Citizen of the Year Award, by Mayor Kate Fitzpatrick. Delanco Republican Chairman  introduced candidates Joan Hinkle and Kate Fitzpartick for Township Committee.

Kick Off 2010   Newtons Landing Farmhouse


The 2010 Kick Off Campaign at the Newtons Landing Farmhouse was hosted on August 25th by Jerry and Anne Resnick of Pennington Court. Vice Mayor Joan Hinkle with Larry Anastasi and Mayor Kate Fitzpatrick with Bob Hinkle. Seventyfive residents and club members attended the event.

Message from the Chair

 Delanco Republican County Committee Chairman

The task of governing grows more challenging each year. New Jersey continues to demand more of its municipalities, while cutting back on our aid. We need dedicated leaders who will give their time, energy and initiative to put Delanco first.

We need your input. What issues are most important to you and your neighbors? In a small community, such as ours, everyone has a role to play and a voice to be heard. Delanco’s strong sense of community continues to define our strengths and will most definitely determine our future.

The team of Kate Fitzpartick, Bill Dillenbeck, Marlene Jass and John Browne validates Republican leadership, values and experience.  They will continue their efforts to steer Delanco through the shoals of state mandates, new COAH requirements, controlling local development and ever increasing township costs.

We need to support  Kate, Bill, John and Marlene  by attending township meetings.  You cannot support your  team only at election time.  Show-UP and Speak-UP at Township meetings.

Lastly, we need your commitment and fervor to elect Kate Fitzpatrick & Bill Dillenbeck  this year to continue to move Delanco forward for all its citizens.  Share you ideas and join our team now.

                                           Today is